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Unexpected Hero (uber) - When firefighter Jane Brunovski steps through a ring of fire to rescue the woman trapped within, she winds up playing the role of an unexpected hero.

Conquered (alt / conqueror) - When Xena the Conqueror is defeated by Alexander, he banishes her to Shark Island Prison. Gabrielle, a poet and historian, travels to the prison to get Xena's history for her chronicles but ends up with much, much more.
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What Mother Never Told Me (alt) - Over twenty years after the events in FIN, Gabrielle's daughter, Thalia, is abducted by Beowulf from the Athens City Academy of Performing Bards and goes on a journey of discovery and adventure to save the world from Loki (ultimately a FIN fix).

The Paradox of Dying (alt) - Gabrielle's thoughts after killing two attackers.

To Die by the Sword (alt) - (pre FIN) Xena decides it's time to change her path before it's too late.

Full Circle (alt) - (post FIN) What happens to Xena and Gabrielle after the end of the series.

Temple of Rage (uber) - In order to become one of Ares' elite Arms Masters, Harmonn Sharpe must kill the leader of the local Elijian Campus Crusade for Peace. Part One | Part Two

The Black Scarab and the Magic of Christmas (uber) - The D.O.D.'s best agent from their Anti-magic Division learns a lesson about the magic of Christmas.

Works in Progress - This link will take you to the stories I'm currently writing.