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Ultimate List of Sam-Whumping Stories

The Knife's Edge of Madness (K+) - Alternate ending to Desperate Measures: What if Sam had escaped on her own?

Looking Up (Graphic Violence, Sam/Jack) - After a serious injury forcing her to leave the SGC, Sam is finally on the road to recovery.

The Things We Have in Common (K) - After the events in 48 Hours, Janet finds Teal'c and SG-1 in the commissary.

Surviving (Mature Adults only, please pay attention to the warnings) - SG-1 is captured by a Goa'uld who singles Sam out for questioning.

Ten-Thousand Suns (K+ for language, Sam/Janet) - Sam is trapped in the rubble after an earthquake collapses a building on an alien world.

Under Fire (K+ for language and a little violence) - On one of their first adventures through the gate, Sam has to prove to herself and her team that she can operate competently when things get rough.

Operation Montezuma (K+ for language and a little violence) - Sam, Janet, and a small group of SGC personnel are caught off-world when a war breaks out.

A Star at Dawn (K) - Sam/Teal'c friendship. SG-1 is caught in an avalanche.

Good Things Come (K) - Sam/Teal'c. There is one promise Teal'c will not keep. Tag to Unending.

Hell Hath No Fury (K, but please read the warnings) - Apocafic. It occurred to Jack, in the moments before the Earth’s atmosphere vaporized in the nuclear fires of the rapidly expanding sun, that Replicarter hadn’t been a flawed copy of Samantha Carter after all.

It's Not Easy Being Snaked (K) - Sam and Jack, stuck in a pit. Sam is feeling cranky; Jack tries to be helpful.

Harmonies Lost (K) - drabble, spoilers for Unending

For Cassie (K) - my first drabble

How Jack Lost His Yo-Yo (K, romance) - drabble-ish

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