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There are a large number of people in this world who know me only as Mistress Gunhilda. Most of my friends just call me "Guni," (pronounced "Goonie").

I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The SCA is a worldwide, non-profit educational organization in which members study the history, culture, arts, and everyday life of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. We do our best to re-create the best of those time periods, from the clothing and speech to the cooking, dancing and armored tournaments.

I play SCA in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, in the Province of Mooneschadowe.

Even as a little girl, I wanted to play with swords.


Rapier fighters at Gulf Wars

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More SCA Pics:

Mooneschadowe Liondragon Guard fighting at Three Kings

My SCA household, House Merlion

Me fighting rapier

Another Liondragon Guard picture


Email to: gunhilda@brightok.net


My first (and enduring) passion in the SCA was fighting. Not only was I thrilled to armor up and play the part of a warrior, but I was excited by the fact that in both tournaments and wars, the women fighters compete on equal terms with men.

Recently, I have been fighting with rapier, mostly, with a little practice in cut and thrust.

Me fighting my friend, Gunthar

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Ravine Battle at Gulf Wars

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