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The Siege - After a long winter siege, Lillian must take over the leadership of the troops when her father dies.

Unexpected Hero - When firefighter Jane Brunovski steps through a ring of fire to rescue the woman trapped within, she winds up playing the role of an unexpected hero.

A Matter of Trust - This is a "prequel" to my story, Sun Dancer, (see published works) detailing how Elintina meets Trent.

Eventine - Though many have tried, no one in living memory has managed to return from the mountain valley bearing the precious healing herb, eventine. When Mairin's brother falls ill, she decides to undertake the perilous trip herself.

The Broken Sword - The Bloodhand retired long ago, but now her past has come back for revenge.


Crown of Wisdom - All the temple students must undergo a final test before being accepted for training as a priest or priestess. Relanna fears she does not have the wisdom to pass and fears for her life if she fails...

The Fairy Booth - One of the magical fairy booths has appeared in town. Will anyone go through?

Temple of the Bear - Illana had everything it took to become a Bear, except one thing.

A Quest for Dinner - It's raining, and Merlynn and Keen have no money.

A Ring Worth Dying For - The title says it all!

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