The Fence

copyright by Leslie Ann Miller


History: Walls were built by many lands, many peoples, to keep invaders out.
Fantasy: A great tower, with walls on the border of Morder, to keep the people in.

The endless fence
across the farmers' fields
gleemed innocent in this world's
A fence,
a simple barbed wire fence.
At first glance,
A wall, like so many walls of history
to separate East from West.

But no,
The endless fence
across the farmers' fields
was a nightmare
from another world
where evil walked undisguised
beneath black skies
lit by belching death,
transported by warped designs
to the sunlight of this planet.

For the top of this endless fence
did not lean towards me
the enemy
to keep me out,
but rather it leaned in,
to keep its people from escaping.



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