Beam Me Back, Scotty

copyright by Leslie Ann Miller

Beam me up, Scotty,
and I was gone.

Gone were the red, red roses
Gone were the leaves of grass
Gone were the skylarks
albatross and three-toed woodpeckers.
Gone were the fox squirrels and spotted skunks,
horny toads and hog-nosed snakes,
jumping spiders, black widows,
dung beetles and honey bees,
ghost crabs, lobsters,
hammerheaded sharks,
sunfish, bluefish, largemouth bass,
tree snails and slugs.
Gone were the volumes, albeit shrunken volumes,
of latin names- genus, species-
diversity of life, so rich.
Gone were the mosquitoes, mollusks,
and red-tailed hawks.
The buffalo were no more.

"Beam me up, Scotty!"
To the world of homo sapien
with its sliding doors
fluorescent lights
and sterile atmosphere.
To a world of
carpets and communicators,
warp drive engines,
lazers, phazers,
and photon torpedos.
A room with all the modern conveniences,
and a window
to a

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